SanAlppi 1-8

Built in 2010. Bed space for 8 (+ sofa bed that sleeps two in apartments 1–4) 2 bathrooms, electric sauna, 2 showers, fireplace, drying cabinet, mechanical ventilation, central heating/heated floor, electric stove with convection oven, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave oven, coffee-maker and electric kettle, refrigerator-freezer, vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment, iron and ironing board, hair dryer, 2 TVs, recording Digibox, DVD player, radio, CD player, Internet connection, outdoor electric outlet for block heaters, separate storage for skis and area for ski maintenance.

No smoking, no pets. The staircases indoors have child safety gates.


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SanAlppi3-9 SanAlppi3-10 SanAlppi3-11 SanAlppi3-12
SanAlppi3-13 SanAlppi3-14 SanAlppi6-2 SanAlppi6-3
SanAlppi6-5 SanAlppi6-6 SanAlppi-1 SanAlppi-2


Floor plan